A Spy in the House of Dance

I’ve been wanting to write about dance for a long time now, and other than a few scattered reviews in my college newspaper, haven’t had the chance. So, I’ve finally bit the bullet and started this blog to chronicle my musings on the subject. A serious ballet student throughout high school, I started college as a BFA student in dance, but realized it wasn’t going to happen, and switched to English and French. Nonetheless, I’ve never stopped being dance obsessed: seeing as many performances as I can, continuing to take classes, reading dance-related books and blogs, and teaching ballet. While originally a bunhead, my interests have expanded to include modern and contemporary dance, as well as performance art.

On my Twitter profile, I describe myself as a feminist, a grad student, and a dance nerd. This blog will primarily draw on the third of those three identities, but I’d expect the other two to find their way in here as well.

So, here goes…

(Bonus points if you get the title reference.)


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